Where it all began

Gisella Cozzo, singer,song-writer……an aussie girl with an italian heart!”

Born and bred in Melbourne, raised in an Italian family, nurtures an immense passion for singing at an early age. Her enthusiasm for drama, singing and song-writing continues throughout all of her high-school years. She was often chosen to be the main role of all the musicals and productions during her teen years In Australia.

Her talent and bright colours shine, when she wins the Grand Final of one Australia’s most famous talent shows, “YOUNG TALENT TIME”. After this important victory, at the age of sixteen she tours with major Italian and Australian artists as a support act , all around the country. Australian names such as Marcia Hines, Simon Galleghar and Italian artists such as Eros Ramazzotti, Toto Cutugno, Marcella Bella , Pupo, Fiordaliso, Riccardo Fogli, Mario Merola , Luciano Tajoli and many others.

Gisella then has the opportunity to further her music studies in London, the ‘heart’ of international music and then to Italy. She continues her song-writing skills in Milan and graduates at the Milan Conservatorium.

From Melbourne to Milan

Milan opened many remarkable doors for Gisella’s debut recording career.

Gisella debuts in 88’ and her debut single ”Get up” is awarded 1st prize” at the “Rino Gaetano” Festival “NEW GENERATION 88’“.

Her DEBUT album is published in 91’ entitled with stage name, “GISA” all songs entirely in English written by Gisella herself. Producers of the caliber of the La Bionda Brothers and Silvio Amato were just a few of Gisella’s first record producers, publishers and inspiring mentors. She begins signing up with various Dance labels such as Self, Time, Emi and Sony Music, Universal Music Group writes and performs various hits in the italo-dance scene for more than ten years.

Thanks to Gisella’s creative song writing she is awarded a Musical song-writing scholarship at the CET, in Tuscany, (The Mogol school of Arts), as it could be called founded by one of Italy’s best-renowned song-writers, Giulio Rapetti (Mogol). She gets to work with important producers of the Italian panorama, like Gianni Bella, Umberto Iervolino, Fio Zanotti and many others.

Gisella then records and producers two albums for children, “Kids Christmas Favourites” and “Traditional nursery rhymes” on the Italian ’Duck Record’ label, internationally renowned for children’s music! An idea created by Gisella to enhance the need for Italian children to learn English through the love of music.

She works with important Italian artists like Jovanotti, Gianluca Grignani, Caterina Caselli, Rosalinda Celentano, Fred Bongusto, Albano, Anna Oxa, I Neri per Caso, Cristian, I Pooh and many others.


Gisella participates in various Euro- Song festivals in Romania and Bulgaria and is awarded the “Golden Orpheus” for “Best interpretation” with special guests such as Kylie Minogue, Dionne Warwick, Jerry Lee Lewis. She participated also in various talent shows in Italy Festival Italiano and sings with Gianni Bella and was finalist at the “Castro-Caro Festival”. This contest has given tremendous recognition to artists such as Laura Pausini, Zucchero, Nek, Eros Ramazzotti; only to name a few.

In the ninety’s Gisella is launched into another field, the magical world of TV. Ads and jingles and becomes the most important session ‘singer’ and voice, of many National and International publicity campaigns around the world. She was even asked to record many times in London especially for the “Levis” Dockers Ad, an Italian classic, ‘Tu vuo’ fa’ l’americano’ in English, originally sung by Sofia Loren in Italian and released the single worldwide. With enormous success; she’s known in Italy as the “JINGLE QUEEN”!

But one of the most famous, which have become a real classic ‘evergreen’, an Italian iconic ad for the Italian viewers at home is “Joy (I feel good, I feel fine)”, written and sung by Gisella. In June, 2015 Joy celebrate its 20th Anniversary back on air, to commemorate 60 years of the brands birth, the making of the famous ice-cream ‘Coppa del nonno’ on air still today. Other famous Tv Ads include Coca Cola, Ciobar, Chante Claire, We Bank (appears both as actress and singer in this commercial), Mercedes, Nutella, Ford, Twinnings, Levis.

Another special moment in the advertising biz was when Yoko Ono herself, chose Gisella to perform “Power to the people”, a John Lennon song, for the Tv Ad, Enel.